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About us

The Story

The world of Cozy Desk Life aims to connect, inspire, and remind individuals seeking a sense of “normalcy” that they’re not alone. The main character, Misto, is a lovable hard-working cat who after years of running the “rat race” has found himself trapped by the realization that he’s not living life to his fullest potential. This causes him to suffer with constant anxious thoughts about what his future holds and ignites this looming feeling that he’s meant to achieve more in this world.

Even though he’s currently navigating this existential crisis, he’s mostly a very optimistic person and passionate about improving the quality of his life. He likes to see the bright side of tough situations and seeks to resolve this conundrum by asking his inner self some really tough questions.

Throughout this journey, watch as Misto discovers new things about himself, his fears and passions, strengths and weaknesses, makes new friends, and uncovers his purpose one day at a time.

The Artist

Meet Ivy

The creative mind behind the project. A motivational author and self-employed savant in this industry for over a decade. Marrying her passion for empowering others and her desire to bring more awareness to mental health, “Cozy Desk Life” was born.